Berteig is a Canadian education development and delivery firm specializing in helping your company develop knowledge, motivation and skills leading to measurable improvements in quality, speed and happiness.

We call this outcome Real Agility™.


Our work will be done when all businesses are humane, inspiring places to work, economic activity is harmonious with the betterment of all of humanity, and individuals’ talents and interests find expression in the creation of knowledge and beauty.



  • contributes to an ever-advancing civilization,
  • strives to create unity in diversity,
  • helps people orient their work lives towards service,
  • participates in a discourse on the social structures of work and industry,
  • is a learning organization, and
  • grows organically through systematic capacity building.

We believe that truthfulness is the foundation of improvement and that love is the strongest driver of change.
We work hard to live this culture with mutual affection and personal support, teamwork, transparency, an inclusive economy and a spirit of service to humanity.

We agree to uphold this culture as the primary standard of success.

    Available courses


    1. Welcome
    2. Definitions
    3. Focus on People
    4. Focus on the Work
    5. Practical Next Steps
    6. Q&A


    1. Welcome
    2. Foundations of Leadership
    3. Value-Based Leadership
    4. Techniques for Managers
    5. Leadership Simulation
    6. Practical Next Steps
    7. Q&A

    Create Adaptive Product Teams in Any Business

    This 4-day course provides the foundations to be an effective Scrum Master. Achieve Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) designation with Scrum.org by using this training to prepare for online exam that is taken after the workshop.

    The Professional Scrum Master designation is a recommended entry point to the practice of Scrum and is a gateway to more advanced certifications: PSM II, PSM III.

    • 16 PDUs (REP with PMI).
    • No slides! In-depth simulation, virtual classroom discussion, challenging learning environment.

    Boost your Agile Team Performance

    This 1-day course guides you in the foundations of the Kanban Method® and serves as a fast starting point to an alternative path to Real Agility™. This course is designed for you if you are facilitating teams doing projects, operations, development, support, or research. Achieve the Team Kanban Practitioner® (TKP) credential with the Lean Kanban University® by successfully completing this course.

    • Participate in the FeatureBan simulation for immersive learning
    • Build a real-world Kanban board with guidance from our trainer
    • 7 PDUs | 7 SEUs
    • Team Kanban Practitioner® (TKP) certificate
    • Profile listing on the LKU alumni page
    • Registered Education Provider with LKU
    • Taught by Accredited Kanban Trainers only

    Create Enterprise Agility

    This 1-day virtual course provides executives with the mindset required to lead an enterprise-wide Agile transformation.

    The 9 hours of total classroom time will introduce effective strategies from Lean and Agile methodologies that have proven to be successful over the past two decades.

    BERTEIG Executive Agile Mastery® (BEAM) is a guide for executives who have authorisation at the senior-level, to initiate transformation of their organisation and support the ongoing evolution.

    • 3 hr Introduction to Real Agility e-learning (prior to start of class)
    • 12 Participants Maximum
    • Real Agility Assessment® (RAA) included* ($5000 value)
    • 9 PDUs | 9 SEUs (REP with Scrum Alliance® and PMI)
    • In-depth simulation, virtual classroom discussion and a deep-learning environment await you in this rewarding executive learning event.