An e-learning course is a course in which learners work independently to complete all learning objectives.  There may be instructor support for e-learning courses, but the instructor never "meets" the whole group of people taking the course in a virtual "classroom" setting.  Instead, all interactions between learners and instructors are one-on-one.

An e-learning course will provide you with an opportunity to validate learning based on quizzes, the submission of other independent work or one-on-one evaluation by the instructor.  This validation is the primary reason for taking an e-learning course as opposed to watching YouTube videos and reading Wikipedia pages.

Berteig Professional

Exclusive resources for BERTEIG Professionals including video, ebooks, pre-release content, activities, and community access.

BERTEIG Professionals are people who have taken at least two different premium BERTEIG courses, with a total course time of at least three days.

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