Contains our full set of e-learning leading to certificates in Real Agility™.

Improve Quality, Speed and Happiness in Your Organization!

The Real Agility™ Program is a comprehensive, systematic education to guide you as you transform your business.  You use Real Agility™ to improve quality, speed and happiness in your organization.

If you are an executive, a manager or aspiring to be a leader in your organization, the Real Agility™ Program provides you with the knowledge, inspiration and skill you need.

In this course, which is an introduction to the whole program, you will learn to:

  • communicate the benefits and risks of Real Agility™,
  • decide if Real Agility™ is right for your business (and for you), and
  • decide which parts of the Real Agility™ Program are most valuable for you.

The e-Learning component of the Real Agility™ program is designed by BERTEIG ( based on work with hundreds of clients as they have succeeded in transforming their business.  If you have any questions or feedback about this program, please contact BERTEIG at