Double Productivity of Your Team and Thrive in the Insanity of Constant Crisis

This 2-day course provides the foundations to be an amazing Scrum Master. Achieve the BERTEIG Level 1 Scrum Master Bootcamp badge and certificate by successfully completing this training.

The Scrum Master Bootcamp course is the recommended entry point to the practice of Scrum and is a prerequisite to more advanced training.

  • Experience an in-depth simulation and practice 15 Scrum Master techniques.
  • No slides, almost no lecture!
  • Challenging, engaging learning environment.


Create Enterprise Agility

The training is designed to help your organization increase its Product Manager skillset and to gain a deeper understanding of role and continue the process of developing and evolving product manager practices.

The virtual live instruction is 14 hours in duration which is divided into four 3.5 hour virtual sessions.

This virtual learning event, with a “live” instructor, utilizes an array of online tools that create a dynamic and collaborative learning experience. Participants will receive all sign-in/login details prior to the date of the learning event.

The learning event will cover many ways to engage the participants so they gain valuable knowledge, insights, tools, practices and skills to become more successful in their role as Product Managers.

This training is not a “rehash” of Scrum Product Owner (i.e. LSPO, CSPO, etc) material and exercises.  Although there is a small amount of overlap, the focus is on the product manager role in relation to the product lifecycle.

This 3-day course provides the foundations to be an effective Scrum Team Development Member. Learn the Agile engineering practices and techniques required to deliver high-quality software with Scrum teams.

- 21 PDUs | 21 SEUs

- Hands-on technical guidance

- Learn the Agile Engineering Practices

- Free eBooks

- Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI

Create Enterprise Agility

This 1-day virtual course provides executives with the mindset required to lead an enterprise-wide Agile transformation.

The 9 hours of total classroom time will introduce effective strategies from Lean and Agile methodologies that have proven to be successful over the past two decades.

BERTEIG Executive Agile Mastery® (BEAM) is a guide for executives who have authorisation at the senior-level, to initiate transformation of their organisation and support the ongoing evolution.

  • 3 hr Introduction to Real Agility e-learning (prior to start of class)
  • 12 Participants Maximum
  • Real Agility Assessment® (RAA) included* ($5000 value)
  • 9 PDUs | 9 SEUs (REP with Scrum Alliance® and PMI)
  • In-depth simulation, virtual classroom discussion and a deep-learning environment await you in this rewarding executive learning event.