Find the right transformation strategies and tactics for your organization.This 6-hour masterclass delivered by Mishkin Berteig dives in to the depths of doing Agile assessments for organizations size 50 to 50,000 people. Review the assessment process and tools used by BERTEIG with their most successful clients.
  • Access over 20 selected sample assessment reports delivered by BERTEIG to clients since 2004 (anonymized). Includes both assessments that led to amazing transformations and those that didn't. EXCLUSIVE TO THIS MASTERCLASS!
  • Survey over 15 assessment tools and get downloadable facilitator’s guides and worksheets.
  • Get two free uses of the Real Agility Assessment survey and analysis tool for an organization of any size ($10,000 value).
  • BONUS: The first three people who sign up for each class get an extra 3 hours of one-on-one support from Mishkin ($3000 value). All participants will receive 3 hours of one-on-one support from BERTEIG Senior Consultants who have used the assessment tools ($750 value).
  • AWESOME INVALUABLE OPPORTUNITY: Every participant will join a mailing list to receive invitations to paid opportunities to work with BERTEIG consultants on client assessments (some conditions apply, of course).
  1. Introductions and logistics
  2. Review of the assessment process
  3. Example assessments
  4. Key assessment tools/techniques
  5. Practice / simulation
  6. Using the Real Agility Assessment tool
  7. Assessment business model for internal and external consultants
  8. Q&A
There is also an optional final exam which, when completed successfully along with one use of the Real Agility Assessment grants you certification for the Real Agility Assessment Track - Level 1.