Build your skills as a manager to:

  • deliver massive results to your organization
  • create a beautiful work environment for your staff
  • learn how to reset (or launch) your teams to get them to a hyper-productive state
  • achieve the BERTEIG Real Agility Managment Track (RA-MT) Practitioner I certification

The program runs in weekly* 1/2 day sessions with reading, assignments and coaching between session.

Session Topics:

01 Create the Real Agility™ Mindset in Your Staff

02 Choose the Right Agile Method for Your Teams

03 Assess Cultural Agility in Your Organization

04 Tame the Complex Systems that You Manage

05 Improve Your Teams’ Agility

06 Manage Your Teams and Resources

07 Mentor and Train Your Staff

08 Effectively Facilitate Your Meetings

09 Coach Individuals Towards High Performance

10 Launch High Performance Delivery Teams