Build Teams that Maximize Productivity

This 3-day course provides the ONLY combined Scrum learning event where you can learn the skills to be an effective Scrum Master and Product Owner in one session.

Achieve both the Scrum Inc. Scrum Master® (SSM) and Scrum Inc. Scrum Product Owner® (SSPO) designation with Scrum Inc® by successfully completing this training and the online exams that are taken after the workshop (you will receive the links directly from Scrum Inc®).

The Scrum Inc. Scrum Master Product Owner® (SSMPO) course is critical for a successful Scrum transformation. In this combined learning event you will learn how to support your Scrum team to share a common foundation of understanding, so they know not just WHAT they are doing, but WHY as well.

  • Get certified as an SSM and SSPO in a single three-day Learning Event.
  • Scrum Inc® exam fees and a one-year membership included for both certifications 
  • Scrum Inc. Scrum Master and Scrum Inc. Scrum Product Owner® are endorsed by Scrum co-founder Jeff Sutherland
  • Access free BERTEIG 'Retrospectives' e-book and 'Agile Advice' e-book
  • No slides!  In-depth simulation, classroom discussion, challenging learning environment